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Vapescribe has upgraded

Vendor Rarity

In order to bring you guys more variety and allow more and more vendors to join Vapescribe. We have had to upgrade our boxes to a rarity system. All vendors have now been rated with a rarity, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. This decides how often a particular brand of juice shows up in our boxes. Certain boxes will guarantee some bottles from a certain rarity, ensuring that you get better drops and a higher chance of Legendary Juices!

Our ever expanding Vendor Rarity List can be found here.


New Vendors

We would also like to welcome our newest vendors to Vapescribe. Frontline and Zap! Juice. Lookout for these Legendary juices in your next VS Box!


The Future

We will continue to add more vendors and keep your boxes fresh with the best new lines.

We are working on adding more subscription options to VS, so you guys won’t have to wait to get your very first VS box! So excited for this one. The faster we can get your juice to your door the better.


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